You already decided to hire roof cleaning services in St. Louis, amazing. Now, it is normal to be hesitant about leaving your home alone when the professionals arrive or not. To say it simply, you don’t have to be at home if you can’t or don’t want to.

Most companies in St. Louis just require that your pets are left inside, and all the windows are shut. Commonly, the company you hired will send a detailed invoice the day before the service starts asking for permission to work on your roof. 

If you want to know more about the process, keep reading, please!

2 Things To Consider If You’re Staying Home During The Cleaning 

Even when it is not needed, you may still want to stay at home when you  pressure washing services. If so, please consider this in advance:

  • Think about your pets 

Having people on your roof doing low-pressure washing can be a bit loud; if you have cats or dogs that are afraid of thunderstorms, the noise may frighten them too. 

Please don’t make the experience an anxious situation for your comfort and find somewhere to leave them safely during the cleaning!

  • Let the professionals do their work

You hired pressure washing services for the particular reason of this service being provided by professionals, so staying out of their way will make everyone’s experience easier. 

They know what they are doing better than anyone else; do not risk your safety by walking around eyeing what they are doing. Trust the top choice of St. Louis when it comes to low-pressure washing services!

2 Benefits Of Roof Cleaning 

Stop hesitating about getting your roof cleaned; it is more than just improving your home’s looks. Here are two benefits of this service:

  • Prevent Roof Algae, Moss, and Lichens 

Your roof is exposed to nature in general 24/7; this means that dirt, water, leaves, and other organisms find their way onto your roof eventually. It happens that rain may seem to clean your roof, but it doesn’t.

Algae and moss can decrease the lifespan of your roof, and mold can cause negative health consequences throughout your house. Properly cleaning your house will prevent all of this, keeping you, your family, and your home safe.  

  • Avoid Shingle Damage

Damaged shingles can lead to serious issues like mold growth, water damage to the roof, and decrease energy efficiency. Having your roof cleaned by professionals regularly will reduce the chance of shingle damage! 

Most Reliable Roof Cleaning Services In St. Louis

At Curb Appeal Pros we offer the most reliable, efficient and professional roof cleaning services in St. Louis.  We deliver the best quality of work, equipment, and customer service proudly. Hire our services if you want to experience what work excellence means!