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Curb Appeal Pros restores concrete patios

Have Your Concrete Professionally Cleaned

As a homeowner, it is completely understandable that you care about the appearance of your house beyond the painting or roofing. If you are hesitant about having your concrete cleaned professionally,  remember that concrete is very porous and soaks up dirt and algae. 

Curb Appeal Pros can assist you before it gets dirt and algae have settled into the pores. Cleaning a concrete driveway or cleaning a concrete patio is very difficult, so let us help you. We offer the best concrete cleaning services in St. Louis!


4 Benefits Of Concrete Cleaning

Suppose you want your sidewalks, driveways, or patio’s concrete to look vibrant and healthy throughout the whole year. In that case, a professional company that offers concrete cleaning services in St. Louis is like Curb Appeal is your best option. Here are some of the benefits of our service:


  • Improves How Your Concrete Looks 

If you are interested in curb appeal, a good concrete cleaning will leave your areas looking new. With our professional assistance, your concrete areas will stand out immediately! 

  • Added Value 

You may not be thinking about selling your house just yet; however, it is always good to have this kind of information. So, yes, having well cleaned sideways and walkways will catch the attention of potential buyers because it will look like the previous homeowner did take care of the property.

  • It Prevents Accidents

Dirty concrete that hasn’t been properly cleaned for ages can have build-ups like mold growth, oil slicks, and mildew. These issues can lead to slippery accidents, so it is always better to be safe than sorry and make sure everything is nicely done and clean.

  • Saves Money 

DIY procedures are not 100% guaranteed; the time and money you invest in the products you “need” won’t be returned to you if they don’t work. Hiring a professional company like Curb Appeal Pros will save you money, time and will deliver amazing results.

You will be amazed when you look at the concrete cleaning before and after the process, let the experts handle it!


Why Choose Us 

Curb Appeal Pros searched for the best way to clean a dirty driveway and found that our two-step process is the most effective solution; it consists of applying our very own cleaning solution to the concrete first and then using a professional-grade surface cleaner that evenly cleans concrete stains away. 

Instead of spraying your surfaces with a wand that was purchased at a home improvement store and leaving streaks behind, we sweep the cleaner back and forth to clean your concrete driveway or patio, leaving it looking intact! Concrete cleaning before and after  it gets dirty is important to keep the preventative measures consistent.

Thanks for your interest. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

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