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Black streaks on roofs are very common in St. Louis, Mo.  However, it’s not only a matter of black streaks; in fact these marks are a fungus growing within your roof called Gloeocapsa Magma. 

Roofs at St. Louis are frequently at risk, and that’s why roof cleaning services are a high priority for the population. Make sure you get the best services and contact Curb Appeal Pros to get the best roof cleaning services in the area. 



Benefits Of Roof Cleaning Services

It is essential to clean up the roof of your house. We will mention some benefits that Roof Cleaning Services offers.

  • Cleaning Instead Of Replacing

New roofs are around $3,500 to $10,000. Instead, roof cleaning will cost you just a tiny fraction of that cost, all depending on the side of your home. In the end, you will spend way less money just by cleaning your roof. 

  • Lower Your Heating Bill 

The lichen, moss, and algae on your roof retain heat and reduce the reflective properties on your roof. This makes your roof trap in heat, slowly heating your insulation and ductwork, making your Air Conditioner & electricity meter work harder.  

  • Keep Yourself Insured

Insurance Companies often cancel policies due to dirty roofs with black marks. Hire a roof cleaning service in St. Louis so you avoid this inconvenience. 

  • Increase Your Curb Appeal

Be the difference in your block by keeping a clean roof free of ugly black spots and marks. Give your home a better curb appeal with Curb Appeal Pros, experts in this field. There is nothing better than having a good looking home. 

  • Make Your House Attractive For Buyers

A clean house is what attracts buyers the most. It is important to keep the exterior of your property clean since that will make buyers interested in your house and demonstrate to them that the inside of the house is as clean as its exterior. 


Issues You Will Face If Roof Is Not Clean

  • Filthiness  

Your roof is exposed to everything all day, every day. Algaes, Lichen, and Moss are always on top of your roof. 

  • Shingle Damage

Because of all the bacterias such as algae and lichen, they can eat away your roof over time and cause huge damage to it.

  • Wood Rot

Moss can hold in moisture which makes your roof susceptible to leaks and wood rot.


Why Choosing Curb Appeal Pros 

Curb Appeal Pros has been dedicated to cleaning services for many years now. They provide roof cleaning services in St. Louis, as well as other services such as:


  • Vinyl Siding And House Washing
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Fence And Deck Cleaning
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Rust Removal
  • Commercial Property

You will find all the cleaning services that you need in one single place. 


Schedule your St. Louis Roof Cleaning in 5 Minutes

Looking for a roof cleaning company in St. Louis? Look no further. Curb Appeal Pros is the best place to do it. Give us a call and let our team of experts schedule an appointment for a consultation. The best part? It takes only 5 minutes to do it. Waste no time and contact us today. 

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