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Vinyl Siding & House Washing

Imagine cleaning red wine off of white carpet with just water. Now imagine shooting a hose at it hoping that the water pressure will force the stain out. Don’t you think combining an effective cleaner with some gentle pressure would work much better? You’re right. We use low-pressure wash system that won’t harm your home, landscaping or pets.

Roof Cleaning

In St. Louis, it is very common to see black streaks on roofs. These are not just black stains on your roof. They are algae that are feasting on the limestone filler that most asphalt shingles are built on. The Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association (ARMA) discourages  using power washers to clean a roof because of the damage it causes.  Our low pressure cleaning system gently sprays your roof and rids it of algae for years.

concrete cleaning services by curb appeal pros in st. louis

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete is very porous and  literally soaks up dirt and algae. Once dirt and algae have settled into the pores, water alone won’t get it out. That’s what makes cleaning a concrete driveway or cleaning a concrete patio very difficult.We searched for the best way to clean a dirty driveway, and found that our  two-step process is the most effective solution.

Exterior Window Cleaning

Exterior window and glass cleaning is always a challenge for homeowners and businesses.  We offer a state of the art window cleaning service that features the latest equipment on the market. Water-fed window cleaning is not only faster, but is safer and can reach higher than traditional tools and ladders.

Commercial Property

Tenants and customers are attracted by clean exteriors, parking lots and walkways. Curb Appeal Pros takes on the challenging task of cleaning exteriors of mid-rise commercial buildings, strip malls, churches, and schools and helps property owners protect their investment.

Rust Removal

St. Louis’ humid weather is a breeding ground for unsightly rust stains on residential and commercial property, Curb Appeal Pros uses the Front 9 Restoration System that combines the power of  pressure washing with a solution that dissolves 100% of rust. As a trained and authorized F9 applicator, we are pleased to make it available to homeowners in St. Louis.

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