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Best Vinyl Siding & House Washing Services

 Washing the exterior of your home is a habit you want to create, as you would any home maintenance task. Curb Appeal Pros offers vinyl siding and house washing services that are a priority when it comes to taking care of your home. We do this service with a “low” pressure washer in order not to damage your property.

Curb Appeal Pros offers all the home exterior cleaning services in St. Louis you need.


On the left, a moldy house before Curb Appeal Pros and on the right, the same house is sparkling clean

Curb Appeal Pros uses a low pressure washing system to rid your siding of mold and algae.

Curb Appeal Pros uses a low pressure washing system to rid your siding of mold and algae.

Benefits of Vinyl Siding and House Washing


There are multiple benefits to Vinyl Siding and House Washing, from market value increase to a healthier and cleaner home. 

  • Vinyl Siding Lasts Longer

When you follow your recommended maintenance, you will be able to notice any possible damage before it gets worse. Additionally, it’ll keep dirt, bacterias, and insects away from your house.

  • Increase The Value Of Your Home On The Market 

First Impressions are key when buying a house. It is indispensable that you keep the outside of your house clean to get buyers. 

  • Keeps You Healthy By Preventing Bacterias

Get rid of harmful substances such as insects, animals, bacterias, and mold. They can be harmful to your family, your health, and the whole environment.


What Would Happen If You Don’t Clean Your Vinyl Siding

  • Dirty Siding

Not cleaning your vinyl siding can accumulate dirt, grime, pollen, bird, and insect droppings making your whole house look dirty and sloppy. 

  • Green Algae Build-Up

It can be bold, especially if you haven’t done cleanings for over a year.

  • Damage by Household Maintenance

Not Cleaning the vinyl siding will make products like grease, paint, etc., stay on it.

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