I know, I know… Winter was a nice break of staying indoors and no outdoor projects. But now that spring is here, it’s time to kick it into high gear! There are many things you need to do every year to get your house ready for spring.

Turn on your water outside spigot

When winter comes, shutting off the water to the exterior spigots is always the first thing to do. That way the water does not freeze and you don’t risk blowing up a pipe due to freezing. Most spigots have freeze valves that help prevent this but it’s not a 100% risk free solution. Make sure you turn off your spigots in the winter and turn them back on in the spring. Most shut off valves are found in your basement on the wall where your spigot is located. It’s as easy and flipping a switch and you’re set to go!

Call your sprinkler guy

Not all of us have a sprinkler system. However these companies get booked up quickly in the spring. Make your appointment early in the season and get ahead of the spring rush. Usually, mid to late  March is a great time as it usually stays above freezing. We have a GREAT sprinkler company we can refer you to if you’re looking for one. Contact us and we will get you squared away! Keep in mind, he’s only in St Louis, so if you’re reading this in a different state, sorry!

Get your house washed

Every year your house accumulates algae and dirt. Just because your siding is not glowing green like a nuclear power plant does not mean it’s not dirty. Get it under control before it becomes a huge eye sore. Not getting your house cleaned every year can cause black streaks on your gutters that takes off the top layer of paint. Once this happens, you’re stuck with them FOREVER. Don’t be “that” house on the block where your house is glowing green and everyone around it wants it to be cleaned. You would not clean your car once every 3 years, would you?

Clean out the garage because you know the honey-do list is coming

We all get motivated the 1st month of spring and then the heat and humidity kicks in.Then all we can do is think about how to find a way to stay inside. Clean out your garage when it’s chilly and make room for all the projects you’re going to do! Getting your projects done early not only means you don’t have to do it in the heat of summer, but your house looks great for the whole season, not just the last month.

Clean your grill and get ready from summer

Now, last but not least, deep clean your grill and get ready for cold beer and BBQ fun! We all know you dropped that small piece of chicken through your grill grates, or that asparagus that made its way into the grill abyss. Both have been roasting away for the past 9 months. Clean it! They sell some great cleaners and degreasers at your local home improvement stores. It’s as easy as spraying the grates, lightly scrubbing and rinsing out the drip pan.

Curb Appeal Pros is here for you!

I hope you everyone enjoyed this blog on getting your house ready for spring. Please let us know if there is something we missed or if there is something you want us to write about and we will be happy to do so. Our customers are number 1 and we want to make you happy!