Do you or know anyone who has gutters that look like the above picture? These black streaks can be avoided with a few simple steps!

streaked-guttersThe black streaks on your gutters are caused when dirty water runs off of your gutters. All gutters are painted metal and over time, water run-off will start taking away the top layer of paint where the streaks are. 

Gutters made 15 years ago are much higher quality than the ones made today. These older gutters have quality paint and, even when they’re not  cleaned for 5 years, they can be restored to look like new.

However, gutters made after 2000 are made using cheaper material and are much more easily stained and streaked.  Eventually the streaks become permanent and baked on by the sun. Dirty streaks can damage your gutters within 1 year if not cleaned.Chemicals that remove black staining work well on gutters where the paint has not been damaged. Once the paint is etched, there is not much that can be done because it’s no longer a cleaning issue. It  becomes a maintenance issue. 

We recommend that you get your white or light colored gutters cleaned annually.  By cleaning them every year, you extend the life of your gutters and prevent the formation of black streaks, staining and algae growth, and the etching that is a result of those. Staining on darker colored utters is less noticeable, but it’s still important to prevent etching to maintain their integrity.

In this image you can see how black the gutters were before we treated them on the left and how great they look on the right. Why roll the dice and ruin the look of your gutters forever? Contact us today and let us improve your curb appeal!