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We want to use a lot pressure while using no pressure at all. Very easy to work these to death. A beautiful little sunset. I spend a lot of time walking around in the woods and talking to trees, and squirrels, and little rabbits and stuff. Anytime you learn something your time and energy are not wasted. Get away from those little Christmas tree things we used to make in school. Let’s have a little bit of fun today. Don’t fiddle with it all day. That’s what makes life fun. That you can make these decisions. That you can create the world that you want. Here we’re limited by the time we have.

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We artists are a different breed of people. We’re a happy bunch. Let your heart be your guide. Have fun with it. Let’s build an almighty mountain. Let’s put some happy trees and bushes back in here. That’s crazy. The only thing worse than yellow snow is green snow. From all of us here, I want to wish you happy painting and God bless, my friends. I will take some magic white, and a little bit of Vandyke brown and a little touch of yellow. Let your imagination be your guide. Talent is a pursued interest. That is to say, anything you practice you can do. That is when you can experience true joy, when you have no fear.