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Curb Appeal Pros eliminates black streaks on roofs in St. Louis.
A roof cleaned by Curb Appeal Pros with half clean and half with mold

Best Roof Cleaning Services

Black streaks on roofs are very common in St. Louis, Mo.  However, it’s not only a matter of black streaks; in fact these marks are a fungus growing within your roof called Gloeocapsa Magma. 

Roofs at St. Louis are frequently at risk, and that’s why roof cleaning services are a high priority for the population. Make sure you get the best services and contact Curb Appeal Pros to get the best roof cleaning services in the area.

Black Streaks on Your Roof Cause Decay

As the algae on the roof eats the limestone, it begins to break down your roof causing shingle decay, loss of reflective power and roof stains. Without roof cleaning, this algae will continue to eat your roof, shortening the life of your roof by up to 30%.

Why Choose Us

We clean roofs to the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association (ARMA) standard.

ARMA discourages  using power washers to clean a roof because of the damage they cause to shingles and siding. (High pressure washers can produce up to 3500 PSI or more.)

Instead , our low pressure cleaning system gently sprays your roof at no more than 90 PSI, just a little bit more than a garden hose.

For most roofs, we are able to remove the black streaks from your roof from the ground or ladder, keeping your home and our employees safe.

Our proprietary roof cleaning solution is biodegradable and will not damage your plants or animals. We make sure your plants are safe by covering and watering them while we treat your roof to prevent any possible damage. Once your vegetation is covered, we will treat your roof with our solution and then gently rinse your roof removing all algae and lichen. After our low pressure wash treatment, your house will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Gone for Years

Our proprietary cleaning solution will stop algae growth the day we clean it and prevent it from coming back for  years, leaving  your roof looking brand new.

Benefits of Shingle Cleaning

  • Save Thousands by Cleaning Instead of Replacing
    New roofs cost $3,500 to $10,000 or more. Roof cleaning begins at just 1/10th of the cost at $350 (depending on size of the home).
  • Lower your Heating Bill
    The lichen, moss, and algae on your roof is retaining heat and reduces the reflective properties on your roof. This causes your roof to trap in heat, slowly heating up your insulation and duct work, causing your AC to work harder.
  • Stay Insured
    Insurance Companies can cancel policies due to dirty roofs. By doing preventative maintenance, this can be avoided.
  • Increase Your Curb Appeal
    A clean roof a give you bragging rights! For some, that’s priceless!
  • Sell Your House Faster
    Curb appeal is what draws your buyers in. When it’s time for you to sell your home, a clean exterior demonstrates that your entire house has been well-maintained and cared for and makes it more attractive to buyers.

Issues You Will Face If Roof Is Not Clean

  • Filthiness

Your roof is exposed to everything all day, every day. Algaes, Lichen, and Moss are always on top of your roof.

  • Shingle Damage

Because of all the bacterias such as algae and lichen, they can eat away your roof over time and cause huge damage to it.

  • Wood Rot

Moss can hold in moisture which makes your roof susceptible to leaks and wood rot.

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