Have you ever noticed black spotting on your siding or even fascia? Tried to rinse it and clean it off yourself and weren’t able to get it off? Most people are surprised to learn that algae is forming on their house. Those spots are actually living spores that are spreading across your siding, fascia, gutters and potentially the full exterior of the home.

These spots are the beginning of what turns into the ugly, intrusive, green algae that you typically see on homes. It most likely started to show its ugly face on the north side of the home, the side that does not receive sufficient sunlight. Low sunlight and high humidity make the perfect breeding ground for any algae, or bacteria for that matter. Home owners with a lighter colored exterior, such as a white or light tan color, will notice this  much sooner than others as it will look almost like small polka-dots.

There are many reasons why homeowners choose to ignore this growth. It may not be too noticeable, they may not be able to reach it to clean it, or it might have escaped their attention altogether until it’s really bad.

A simple and effective way to get rid of algae before it does extensive damage  is by having a professional low-pressure washing company clean it. Just inquire with your local, best rated, company and have them give you a free estimate. If you’re unsure if you need it at the time, have them come out to your home and walk around with you. They will assist in showing if there is anything that needs to be cleaned or if it’s okay to wait a while longer.

Let us know if you ever have any questions!