Why Black Spots Are Dangerous To Your Roof And To The People In The House?

Have you ever seen black spots on your roof? Maybe not, as you might confuse it with dust. Black spots can heavily damage your roof if not treated on time. These black spots can also be dangerous for your family or anyone living under your roof.

Let’s learn more about what these black spots are, and  why you’ll need the help of a trusted roof cleaning company in St. Louis.  

Black Spots? What are Those?

Those black spots that appear on your roof might have the same look as dirt or mold. You might think that it’s nothing to worry about, but you’re wrong. These black spots are algae!

At first, algae isn’t noticeable as it starts appearing on your roof as small spots. However, it keeps growing and becomes visible. When you’re finally able to notice it, those black spots have been on your roof for about two or even more months. 

Why Do They Appear on Your Roof?

Algae commonly appear on asphalt shingles and on the north side of your roof, where it gets less sunlight. Black spots typically appear  after a heavy rainstorm. The water and debris that gets under missing or damaged shingles are what cause black spots of algae to grow as weather gets warmer with time.  

How Do These Black Spots Damage Your Roof?

At first glance,  black spots aren’t dangerous to your roof, but they can make your house an eyesore. However, after some time, black spots can damage your roof. The algae proliferation can shorten the life of your roof, and you will start having some other issues such as:

  • Trees overhanging the roof
  • Your roof will have a significant shaded area blocking the sunlight
  • A worn-out roof
  • Spread of algae in other parts of your house, such as gutters, siding, and fascia

Black spots can also harm the people in the house. In general, algae is harmful to the health of anyone, and black spots aren’t an exception. As black spots keep spreading in your property, they become more of a threat.  

Remove Those Ugly Black Spots With Curb Appeal Pros’ Services!

It may be difficult for homeowners to figure out whether their roof has black spots because it looks like dust. It’s essential that you contact the best company offering roof cleaning services in St. Louis. At Curb Appeal Pros LLC, we will make sure to remove those unpleasant black spots on your roof.