Exterior Window Cleaning

Curb Appeal Pros offers exterior window cleaning services in St. Louis

You may have been cleaning your windows by yourself these past years, but this task needs to be done by an expert. It may seem an easy process to apply chemicals to a piece of cloth and wipe the window’s glass with it, but you are not aware of the damage it can do. 

Dirty windows? Curb Appeal Pros offers the most efficient window cleaning services in St. Louis; we are available and capable of taking proper care of your windows without hesitation. Stop damaging the glass, and let us clear the issue!


How Does Exterior Window Cleaning Services Work 

Exterior glass and window cleaning can be challenging for homeowners; most of them may not feel comfortable scaling a ladder or reaching from the inside since it can be awkward and inefficient.  

Curb Appeal Pros offer a state-of-the-art window cleaning service that features the latest equipment on the market. Water-fed window cleaning is faster, safer, and it can totally reach higher than traditional tools! 

Our process begins with lightly agitating the window with soft scrub, using the clearest water to remove any dirt on the window, and gently rinsing them away, leaving a clean and clear window.  

3 Benefits Of Exterior Window Cleaning

Here are some benefits of exterior window cleaning that may help you decide to hire our window washing services:


  • Better Than DIY 

All windows are built differently; properly DIY cleaning some windows like casement windows, double-hung windows, or triple-track storm windows may be difficult. To ensure quality and safe results, a professional must handle the cleaning. 

You won’t have to rent or buy equipment or chemicals and risk damaging the glasses. Curb Appeal Pros offers professional window washing services that will make your life easier and view clearer. 


  • Mood Enhancer 

Natural light embracing the home interiors is a clear mood enhancer, whether you are alone in the morning preparing breakfast or during the golden hour helping your kids with their homework. A home’s curb appeal will also improve amazingly with clean windows if you plan on selling your house!


  • Extended Lifespan Of The Window

Keeping your windows clean will make them last longer by preventing scratches and pitting from dirt or other contaminants that may cover the glass. Don’t wait until a replacement is the only choice!


Professional Assistance In St. Louis

The best of the best on window washing services? Curb Appeal Pros. We have been leading the industry for many years, priding ourselves on our work quality and exceptional team members with top-quality equipment. Our services are varied, including exterior window cleaning. 

Do not hesitate in giving your home a new point of view, a clearer one. 

Thanks for your interest. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

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